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At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we offer a full line of pleated shades by Hunter Douglas. Pleated shades are a single layer of fabric, pleated horizontally to fold up neatly when raised. Made on a loom using woven fabrics, these shades have a unique, almost homemade, look. Our collection of pleated shades from Hunter Douglas offers the widest range of colors, textures, and patterns in the industry. Customers love the variety of fabric available, including bold colors, beautiful textures, and stunning prints and patterns.

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Pleated Shades for Any Window

With our expert measuring and installation services, pleated shades can be installed on most any window. Pleated shades are a very popular and functional choice for arches, angles, corners, skylights, and even round windows. Specialty lifting systems provide options for windows of virtually any shape.

The Hunter Douglas Brilliance Fabric Collection includes:

  • Irish: Linen A time honored linen-weave. Always a favorite.
  • Aries: A light-blocking fabric in a palette of soft neutrals, with a metallized backing to provide extra insulative value.
  • Castille: A lightweight, woven mesh look with a metallic back-coating for extra insulative value. Also, rated as Fire Retardant.
  • Corsica: ‘Antique satin’ look slub fabric. A timeless favorite.
  • Daydreams: Where light is a issue, this fabric is the perfect solution with a blackout backing, available in neutrals and pastels.
  • Haberdasher: A linen suit look-alike, textured weave.
  • Kashmir: A beautifully patterned fabric in an exotic collection of jewel tones and muted hues.
  • Mardi Gras: Our light-filtering non-woven fabric in a palette of subtle colors and neutrals.
  • Marseille: Always a classic, our satin weave fabric has a metallized backing to reflect the sun’s rays to dramatically reduce heat gain in the room.
  • Mystique: Sheer extravagant open-weave with varied textures. Very unique.
  • Potter’s Wheel: Heavy textured, rustic semi-open weave in earthy colors.
  • Rain Forest Crinkled, pressed-in leaf patterns on solid earthtones.
  • Shimmering Forest: A sheer, lightly embossed fabric in a selection of both deep, dramatic hues, as well as versatile neutrals.
  • Stratus: A sheer crushed fabric, in gentle waves, gives a beautifully random crinkled effect.
  • Twilight & Subdue: White polyester film in a half-inch pleat, offered as both light-filtering and light-blocking.
  • Venetian Crinkle: A sheer crushed fabric, laminated to a lightweight backing, gives a beautifully random wrinkled effect.
  • Versailles: Ever-popular satin fabric available in a wide array of colors. Also, rated as Fire Retardant.
  • Vintage: A sheer crushed fabric, in bright solid tones, gives a beautifully random crinkled effect.
  • Woodlands: Heavy, solid weave with vertical texturing in tone-on-tone colors.

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