Color Your Home Beautiful

Color in Interior DesignWhether bold or neutral, spots or stripes, speckled or shiny, color sets the tone of the design of any room. Nothing sets the tone of a room more powerfully than the use of color. Personal preference plays a big role in the colors you choose, and how you use color is also very important. Offering interior design services to the Baltimore area, the design professionals at Windo VanGo can help you make your favorite colors work beautifully in any room.

Questions about Color in Interior Design

Bold or neutral? The classic serenity of neutral color palettes offer timeless elegance. The spectrum of warm neutrals ranges from linen and ivory tones to the richest sable and chocolate shades. Depending on the look you’re going for, bright colors and bold patterns are also very popular. If you want to use a bright and bold color or pattern, choose it for one main surface area, as a primary focal point in your room. If you’re not quite ready for bold and bright, but you don’t want to go neutral either, consider “pseudo-neutrals” such as blue-gray or earthy olive tones. Gray is also a great way to add brightness to a room without going too bold. From silvery tints to deep smoky shades, gray colors and patterns can create a beautiful decor. Accent this main color with complementary colors on your window treatments and furniture.

What are the best ways to accessorize with color?  For great visual interest, build subtle color scheme around a standout piece of furniture or art. To keep costs down, shop thrift stores for unique pieces of art. Custom upholstery can change a drab piece of furniture into a focal point of a room. Draw inspiration from fabric. Custom made drapery, pillows, and window toppers can lead you to a primary color scheme or be focal points in and of themselves. Striped drapes, checkerboard valances, or bright art panels can direct the eye to your room’s favorite features.

What about textures? Think of textures as a type of color. Natural woven wood patterns for window treatments, for example, add both color and texture to your windows. Other natural elements can also bring the calmness of nature to your rooms, such as textures replicating shells, sand, plants, and crystal.

What is saturation? Another aspect of color in interior design is saturation, or intensity. An intense color scheme can make a lasting impression. Choose highly saturated color carefully, and be sure to keep it balanced.

Interior Design Services in the Baltimore Area

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