Why Window Treatment Installation Matters

Window Treatment InstallationIt has been said that you can make cheap carpet look expensive just through proper installation. It has also been said that you can make expensive carpet look cheap through a bad installation! Window treatments are no different. When not properly measured and installed, they can look terrible and can cost you time and money. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, only trained, professional installers will work with your window treatments, so you’ll end up with the most attractive result possible.Continue Reading

Certified Window Treatment Installation

installationHaving your new window treatments professionally measured and installed is key!

You are excited. It has been years since you have purchased new custom blinds, shades, shutters or draperies. The selection and different styles, options and materials are mind-boggling. Do you want horizontal or vertical? Do you want slats that rotate, or a shade that opens from the top down? And what about motorization? Yikes! No matter which window treatment you choose, professional window treatment installation will ensure your blinds or shades function exactly as you want.Continue Reading