Be the Master of Light in Your Home

Light Controlling Window Coverings, BaltimoreLight is sometimes an overlooked element of interior design, but it shouldn’t be. Light changes the mood of a room, and controlling light helps you manage the comfort level of brightness of your room throughout the day. The right window coverings give you ultimate control over natural light. Stop by our showroom in Marriottsville, serving the Baltimore area, to see full size displays of our light controlling window fashions.Continue Reading

Enjoy Your View with the Right Window Shades

Window Shades to Maintain Your View in BaltimoreIf you’re lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful view here in the Baltimore area, you’ve probably already discovered the down-side to having large windows overlooking open space, the cityscape, or other great views. Large windows can let in too much sun and heat, decreasing the energy efficiency of your home and damaging your interiors. Don’t worry, with the right window shades, you can enjoy your view while blocking the light. Stop by our new showroom in Marriottsville to see full-size displays of window shades that give you the best of both worlds.Continue Reading

Window Coverings for Privacy

Window Coverings for Privacy Covering your windows with a custom blind or shade not only looks great in the room, it also helps you maintain your privacy. Here at Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area, many customers have privacy as a top concern when selecting new window coverings. With today’s wide variety of window treatments and installation options, you can have privacy without completely blocking your source of natural light.
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Control Light in Your Media Room

Media Room Window CoveringsA media room is any room in your home that has been converted into a home theater. People often convert their family room into a media room, or include a media room as part of a basement remodel. One of the keys to a great media room is controlling light. Especially if you’re using a family room, large windows may create a glare on your new TV and ruin the experience. Even in basements, controlling the light that comes in through your windows is important. Here at Windo VanGo, with a new showroom in Marriottsville and serving the Baltimore MD area, we carry a variety of window coverings that work great to control light in your media room.Continue Reading

Skylight Shades Provide Light Control

Skylight ShadesAs a stylish way to bring more light into a room, skylights are popular in homes throughout the Baltimore area. While the extra light can brighten up your decor, too much light can be a bad thing for both the interior of your home and energy usage. Too much direct sunlight can let in too much heat, and the direct UV light can damage the interior of your home. When this becomes a problem, skylight shades can help you enjoy the benefits of your skylight while mitigating UV damage and energy loss. Continue Reading

Window Treatments for Light and Privacy

What do window treatments really do? That may seem like a silly question, but it’s one to really think about as you shop for window treatments. The function of window treatments is just as important as their style. The main purpose of a window treatment is control light and privacy. At Windo VanGo serving the Balitmore area, we offer a wide variety of Hunter Douglas styles that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Watch this video to learn more:

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