Shopping for Window Treatments? Buy Local!

Local Window Treatment StoreWindo VanGo is your local store for high quality window coverings and exceptional service. We’ve been serving the Baltimore area for nearly 25 years, and we’re proud to be active members in our community. We understand that for local economies to thrive, locally owned businesses must go above and beyond to meet customers’ expectations. When small businesses like our window treatment store work together, the entire community benefits. Here are some reasons to support local businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Locally minded prices. It’s a myth that huge chain stores get better products from manufacturers so they can charge less to customers. They may pay less, but that doesn’t mean they charge less to the consumer. Often, the opposite is true. Many small businesses will match big store prices, so be sure to shop around.

Supporting local economies. Compared to large box stores, locally owned businesses put a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, improving the success of the entire community.

Better customer service. Local businesses depend on positive word of mouth advertising for their success. Their livelihood depends on your satisfaction and the hope that you’ll spread the word about them. This makes them more motivated to serve your needs with excellent products and services.

More choices. Customers benefit when their local small business selects products based on the needs and preferences of its local customers instead of national trends and sales goals.

Direct line to management. Local small business owners are hands-on with their customers and projects. This means they can make quick decisions about products and customer service, making sure all aspects of their business serve the best interest of the customers and the community.

Buy Local – Your Window Treatment Store in Baltimore

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