Motorize Your Window Fashions with Platinum™ Technology

If you thought window fashion automation was out of your reach, think again! Hunter Douglas, leaders in window fashion innovation, offers a variety of automation options for your window treatments. Using wireless communication and the proprietary Platinum™ Technology, Hunter Douglas motorized lifting systems for combine both line-of-sight (using infrared technology) and “out-of-sight” control (using radio frequency technology) to control your window treatments. Battery-powered, these systems are easy to install and require no additional wiring.

Check out this video to learn more:

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Solar Sensors Improve Energy Efficiency

Solar sensors for energy efficient window treatmentsDid you know that you lose a great deal of your heated or air conditioned air through your windows? Even with great high quality windows, the energy efficiency of your home is greatly impacted by your window treatments. Your window treatments help you make the most of the energy from the sun by blocking it during hot months and harnessing it during cold months. Perfect for the extreme weather conditions we can have here in the Baltimore area throughout the year!

As part of Hunter Douglas Platinum™ Technology motorization systems, solar energy sensors help you control your window treatments automatically. Using easy-to-program controls, your blinds or shades will open, close, or traverse based on exposure to sunlight and your energy goals. There’s never been a better time to motorize your window treatments. We can add a Platinum to system to most any Hunter Douglas blind or shade, even if you already have them installed.Continue Reading