How to Select the Right Window Coverings for Your Pet

Luminette® Privacy Sheers in the Family Room

Luminette® Privacy Sheers in the Family Room

Selecting new window coverings for your home can be daunting by itself. Add cats and dogs into the mix, and now your design choices become a bit more complicated. For homeowners with pets, there are a variety of window coverings that are obviously better than others. Hunter Douglas, the leader in window fashions innovation, believes you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for safety. In fact, they take child and pet safety very seriously—from design to operating systems. If you have questions about what might be best for your pet, speak with a trained professional at Windo VanGo serving Baltimore.Continue Reading

What Window Treatments Are Best to Cover Specialty Shaped Window?

Window Treatments for arch windows

Not all windows are the same. They come in numerous shapes and sizes. New home construction tends to incorporate these “odd” shaped windows into its architectural design for beauty and uniqueness, but rarely do designers take into consideration how to cover them. That is where Windo VanGo serving the greater Baltimore area plays a key […]

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Simplistic Window Shades Offer Light Control and UV Protection

Dual Roller Designer Screen Shades

Today, many of us are feeling like we need to treat our windows, but we don’t want anything to take away the view. However, we also don’t want to feel like we live in a fishbowl during the day or at night either. We want something that will create warmth and texture with minimum levels […]

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Why Window Treatment Installation Matters

It has been said that you can make cheap carpet look expensive just through proper installation. It has also been said that you can make expensive carpet look cheap through a bad installation! Window treatments are no different. When not properly measured and installed, they can look terrible and can cost you time and money. […]

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Benefits of Wallpaper

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

Yes, white walls make a room look much bigger, but is bigger always better? Sometimes, character is more important to a room. If that’s the case, wallpaper might just do the job! Some people might think that wallpaper is a dying art, but today, it’s actually making a comeback. If you’re interested in seeing how […]

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Awnings & Outdoor Shades for Your Home

Want to get more from your outdoor living space? Consider awnings, which can be both decorative and functional. They can add style and color to your deck and patio while also providing shade to make entertaining outside more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re thinking of adding an awning or outdoor screen shades to your outdoor-living […]

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Intelligent, Motorized Window Treatments Simplify Life!

Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization System

Window treatment motorization has made many vast improvements in the recent years, simplifying life and providing a level of security to homeowners. The Hunter Douglas motorization system, PowerView™, is available on virtually any window treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of motorization, speak with a trained professional at Windo VanGo in […]

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Window Treatments Aren’t Just for the Inside

Designer Screen Shades

If you’re like many of us, you want to make the most of all of the space your home offers, including not just the rooms under the roof, but the spaces that might be partially—or even all—outside. You might be thrilled to know that there are blinds and shades that are good for enclosing patios […]

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What Is the Focal Point in The Room?

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

When you walk into a room, your eyes automatically go to a certain item or area in the room. In your room, what are your eyes drawn to first? A window Piano Fireplace or TV or both Art collection

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Where Is the Color in Your House?

You might have noticed that, this year, we seem to be living in a colorless world. Throughout history, this happens every election year. Where is the color? Certainly no happy colors are to be found in the market. So what do you do? There are still areas around the house where you can add color, […]

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