Cornices Enhance Any Room in Baltimore, MD

Cornice1If you want to freshen up your current window treatments, or if you’re considering purchasing new ones, think about adding a cornice to add character and interest to your room. A cornice will provide that finishing touch to your room and add style to your décor.

At Windo VanGo serving the Baltimore area, our expert consultants will be happy to help you decide if a cornice is the right choice for you.

Character-Adding Cornices

When most people shop for new window treatments, they are focused on the color and style and don’t notice the hardware until the treatments are installed. The hardware can disrupt the room’s flow, which is where a cornice can help balance the window with the rest of the room. Cornices can cover up a blind’s or a shade’s unsightly control mechanism while providing decorative elements in your room.

There are two types of cornices you can consider:

  • Hard Cornices are made from wood or faux wood materials, and have no fabric. Hard cornices add a customized feel by blending in to your home’s structure and making a seamless statement. Hunter Douglas Parkland™ Wood Cornices can add that finishing touch to your window treatment. Available in several colors and stains, your options are limitless—you can blend with your wall color or add an accent color. Plus, they come in six profiles that will coordinate with your room’s décor.
  • Soft Cornices are usually made to be a box covered in fabric that goes beyond the sides and bottom or padded box alone. With extensive fabric libraries, trims, colors, and textures to choose from, you can go as dramatic or subdued as your décor will allow.

One thing to consider when thinking of adding a cornice is whether you want your window to stand out or blend in. A cornice will immediately draw the eye upward, making the room seem larger. Regardless of whether you are considering adding a cornice to blend with your draperies or furniture, it will take your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choosing Cornices in Baltimore, MD

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