Simplistic Window Shades Offer Light Control and UV Protection

Dual Roller Designer Screen Shades in the Office

Dual Roller Designer Screen Shades

Today, many of us are feeling like we need to treat our windows, but we don’t want anything to take away the view. However, we also don’t want to feel like we live in a fishbowl during the day or at night either. We want something that will create warmth and texture with minimum levels of opacity while protecting our flooring, furniture, and artwork from the damaging sun. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we understand the dilemma and will be happy to help you find the right solution.Continue Reading

Roller Shades Never Go out of Style In Baltimore MD

Designer Roller Shade

Designer Roller Shade

Roller shades have withstood the test of time and are still very popular. Many years ago, all we had were the roller shades that came in a heavy vinyl material for room darkening or a softer fabric for diffused light or the old and still attractive sheer curtains. Those were our options! When the pleated shades came into the market, it was a game changer, but the roller shade just kept getting better. It is still a great choice for many windows in many homes.

Save on Energy Costs

Are you aware that an untreated window can lose up to 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy? It literally goes out the window! You may not want to cover your windows and lose the view, but covering them at least at night and or during very sunny days in the summer can help make your windows more energy-efficient. Your windows should be treated as a function first and then the softer side of draperies can be added.

Any shades or blinds that carry a vertical line can be pulled up and totally disappear under a valance or blend into the woodwork. Blinds and or shades have been designed to reduce the amount of solar heat that passes through the window. It is referred to as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). If you don’t have any treatments, you might want to consider a Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shade. They come in many different colors and textures that will not only enhance your window but also insulate it, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.Continue Reading

Hunter Douglas Greenscape Fabric

screenshadesToday more than ever, many people are concerned with how their purchases might impact the environment. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we’re pleased to let our eco-conscious customers know about the latest Hunter Douglas environmentally friendly product, Greenscape Fabric. It’s available in the Designer Screen Shade Collection, which is one of our popular shades. Designer Screen Shades Greenscape fabrics are PVC-free and recyclable, making them a great choice that helps protect our environment at the same time.Continue Reading

Stylish Uses for Roller & Screen Shades

Shade Screens in BaltimoreRoller shades and solar screen shades have never gone out of style and are as popular today as they were years ago. Similar in appearance, these sleek shades have a versatile design that can look good in any window. They offer a clean sleek look that is perfect for any room in your home. While roller shades help darken a room or filter light, they also offer more privacy than a solar screen shade. Both types of shades will protect your interiors from dangerous UV rays.  At Windo VanGo serving the Baltimore area, we’ll help you find the right look and protection you need.Continue Reading

Roller Shades in Designer Styles

Designer Roller Shades The roller shade has come a long way from those cheap plastic shades that won’t stay in place. At Windo VanGo serving Baltimore, we carry a wide variety of high quality roller shades in designer styles. With a variety of colors, textures, and designs, our line of Hunter Douglas designer roller shades are one of the most versatile window treatments on the market. Stop by our new showroom in Marriottsville, MD, to see full-size displays.Continue Reading

Screen Shades for UV Protection and Style

Designer Screen ShadesAs a leading innovator in custom window fashions, it’s no surprise that Hunter Douglas designed the combination of sheer beauty and optimal functionality with its line of Designer Screen Shades. As a Hunter Douglas dealer, we provide a full line of screen shades to our customers throughout the Baltimore area.

Benefits of Designer Screen Shades

Screen shades serve a very important purpose of blocking harmful UV rays from damaging your flooring, furniture, and other items inside your home. Other benefits include:Continue Reading